Heart Offerings

My personal medicine bundle includes:

Astral Soul Energy Healing (Hedge Riding), Mediumship, Tarot/Oracle Card Reading, Past Life Memory Retrieval, Animal Reiki, Medicine Singing, Sacred Ritual/Ceremony, Dreamwalking, Spiritual Counselling & Way-Showing

  • Channeled Spirit Reading & Release AND Astral Soul Energy Healing

    4 hr

    250 Canadian dollars
  • Card Reading~Past Life Healing~Connect with Spirit Guides & Loved Ones

    3 hr

    175 Canadian dollars
  • Guide-Led, Shamanic-Based Chakra Balancing & Karma Clearing

    2 hr

    175 Canadian dollars
  • Spirit Guide Led 7+ Tarot or Oracle Card Spread Customized For You

    2 hr

    111 Canadian dollars
  • Custom Head-to-Tail Reiki Treatment; Key Observations Relayed to Owner

    1 hr

    55 Canadian dollars
  • Heart-Shaped Birdseed Offering Invoking Your Message, Prayer or Wish

    1 hr

    25 Canadian dollars